Gym+Coffee Make Life Richer Mantra

How to Become a Gym+Coffee Ambassador

There’s not an official ‘application process’ so to speak, but we are always open to speaking with members of our community about how we might work together. If you feel like your personal mission lines up nicely with the Gym+Coffee values, we’d love to chat.

Best advice is to drop us a message. Let us know what makes you unique, why you think we make a good pair and throw in some collaboration ideas for good measure.

There’s no set criteria for collaborators and ambassadors. What we look for are people who are trying new things, pushing themselves to achieve more and looking to inspire the people around them. If you are a proud owner of some G+C gear, that helps too ;)

Send us a happy hello telling us why (and how! And when!) you should be a G+C Ambassador Extraordinaire!!!





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